Who We Are

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🧐 Welcome to ShowUsYourAI 🧐

ShowUsYourAI is an online community dedicated to the exploration and discussion of Artificial Intelligence. Our platform provides a place for members to discuss AI topics, share ideas, ask questions, find resources, and much more!

🛸What We Offer

  • 📌 We offer Discussion forums for members to post, and read about Artificial Intelligence.
  • 📚 A massive library of prompts to use for different generators, and AI tools.
  • 💬 A Discord server for all our members to live chat and share their thoughts outside of the forums.
  • 🚀 The ability to add their own prompts to our library, their resources, and their generations to our galleries.
  • 👥Experienced staff that are frequent AI enthusiasts, and professionals.
  • 💰 We offer all this completely free to sign up and use.

⭐Our Mission

We believe that AI is going to advance greatly in the near future, and want to share all the experiences of it with the world. We want everyone to learn and create anything with AI and have a fun and knowledgeable experience with the technology. We believe that we can become the biggest resource for learning, teaching, and sharing everything and anything AI on the internet. So join us in our mission of exploring new experiences with AI today.

🕴️ Our Current Staff (Updated When New Staff is Enlisted)
  • 🧔 FirstToLeave - Owner and Head Administrator
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